An Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) works by capturing the air that is exhausted from your home and using that air to create the energy to ventilate your house for a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. ERVs help keep your Hobe Sound, FL, home clean and fresh-smelling because they are designed not to create or pass on unwanted odors. Below are the benefits of energy recovery ventilators.

1. An ERV Controls Your Home’s Air Quality

By using an ERV, you can reduce the risk of airborne dust and allergens. ERV’s are able to add or reduce the humidity in your indoor air. In the summer, it can reduce humidity and during the cooler months of the year, it can add humidity, keeping everyone more comfortable.

2. ERVs Save Money

ERV saves energy. If you are still using a less-efficient system, you could be spending money on energy to heat or cool your home. ERVs reduce energy bills that you will pay every month.

3. ERVs Are Affordable

There are a number of these available for homeowners. ERVs are affordable while still managing to provide an adequate level of performance. These ventilators have a balance between cost and quality that makes them ideal for your home.

There are many benefits of energy recovery ventilators. For better indoor air quality, and energy savings, contact our experts at Miklos Air Inc. today.

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