Due to a heat pump’s versatility, most homeowners consider a heat pump one of the essential appliances in their homes in Jupiter, FL. The system may lose efficiency with time, however, leaving your home uncomfortable. Here are three signs of an inefficient heat pump.

1. High Energy Bills

You may notice your energy bill has increased in recent months even though there are no changes in utility rates and you have not changed your usage. Your heat pump could be one of the possible culprits causing this increase.

Multiple issues, such as a clogged filter, refrigerant leaks, and dirty coils, may cause an increase in energy bills. You can check whether your filter has is dirty and change or clean it. If the issue is more complex, such as refrigerant leaks, a service technician can help you repair it.

2. Poor Airflow

Your system’s ability to supply warm air into your home may be reduced due to dirty coils, dirty filters, or blower motor issues. If debris blocks the outdoor unit, you may also have poor airflow.

Consider seeking the help of a professional technician to remedy these issues. Trying to repair the system by yourself may result in more problems, and you may also put yourself in danger of electric shock.

3. Unusual Noises

Typically, your heat pump produces soft sounds while running. Sometimes, the system may start making different sounds you have never heard before.

Different noises indicate various issues with your system. For instance, poorly lubricated moving parts cause grinding noises, banging noises may be due to a loose component, and refrigerant leaks cause gurgling sounds.

Consider switching off the unit whenever you hear unusual noises to prevent the problem from getting worse. Proceed to have a professional technician inspect your unit.

Don’t allow an inefficient heat pump to disrupt your comfort. Reach out to Miklos Air. Inc. for quality HVAC services. Our professionals have worked on multiple systems over the years and have acquired the required experience to work on your unit.

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