It is easy for pollutants and allergens to affect the indoor air quality of your home and put the health of your family at risk. In this guide, we tell you about four sources of indoor air pollution you may encounter in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

Household Cleaners

Many household cleaners, disinfectants or sanitizers could be polluting the air inside your home. Unless you’re using organic cleaning materials, your household cleaning products could be releasing harmful chemicals into the air that could lead to a variety of respiratory health issues. Using nonorganic sprays in particular is one of the quickest ways for harmful chemicals to intrude on your home’s air supply.

Secondhand Smoke

If someone in your home smokes cigarettes or cigars, then secondhand smoke will have a negative impact on your home’s air quality. There are hundreds of harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke that can lead to health issues, including potentially fatal ones like lung cancer. Secondhand smoke could also lead to other issues such as ear infections, heart disease and strokes.

Pet Dander

Tiny skin flakes that come from cats and dogs when they shed are called dander. This airborne substance is an allergen that can cause many health issues in your family, including coughing, wheezing and irritation. If anyone in your household suffers from allergies, you might want to consider one of the highly effective air purifiers we can provide.

Gas Stoves

Natural gas stoves can also negatively affect your home’s air quality. These stoves emit harmful gases such as formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. If your stove has a ventilator hood, then use it regularly to lessen the emission of these harmful gases, but bear in mind that it won’t eliminate them completely.

You need to make sure the air inside your home is pure and easy for your family to breathe. Contact our team at Miklos Air, Inc., for help with your indoor air quality and other HVAC service needs.

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