The tropical climate of Hobe Sound, FL demands a lot of your air conditioner. To protect against wear and keep your system running efficiently, regular maintenance is essential. It’s important to schedule AC maintenance at regular intervals, but you can also do your part to keep your system well-maintained. Even if you aren’t mechanically inclined, these tasks are simple to complete and crucial to your air conditioner’s health.

Replace Your HVAC Filter

Your HVAC filter protects you by snagging dust, dander, and other particulates out of the air and safely trapping them. Over time, however, these trapped particles begin to clog up the filter media and obstruct airflow. This results in declining cooling performance, higher energy costs and unnecessary system wear. To combat this, check your air filter monthly and change it whenever it appears dirty. Air filters are typically located behind the return air grille or in the air handler’s blower compartment.

Clear Your Condensation Line

Your air conditioner normally controls humidity by removing moisture from the air and channeling it through a condensation line. In some cases, residual moisture in this line can promote biologic particulates and algae growth that prevents water from draining properly. To clean it out, shut off your AC’s breaker and use a stiff wire or plumber’s snake to clear any obstructions. Flush the drain with white vinegar or diluted hydrogen peroxide once a month to prevent future algae growth.

Keep Your Equipment Clean

While you have your AC’s power shut off, take the opportunity to clean your system’s key components. Carefully clean out any dirt, leaves or other debris around the condenser fins. You can use a hose to gently spray down the unit. Occasionally repeating this cleaning routine will help maintain good airflow and prevent any losses in efficiency.

A little initiative and a bit of elbow grease go a long way in keeping your cooling system protected. Of course, there’s still no substitute for professional service visits. To schedule AC maintenance and ensure your system’s always working at its best, check out Miklos Air, Inc.’s HVAC maintenance services or call (561) 575-2173.

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