If you decide to redecorate your room or rearrange the furniture, you might discover that the thermostat is in an unsightly location. Perhaps it was never in the right place, but you didn’t think you could do anything about it. Actually, moving a thermostat is a simple installation job for HVAC technicians in Stuart, FL.

Reasons to Move Your Thermostat

If your room is not heating and cooling properly, your thermostat might be causing the problem. If it’s close to a sunny window might be registering hotter than the actual room temperature. Also, a thermostat awkwardly located in the middle of the wall may stick out like a sore thumb disrupting the room’s décor.

Why Call a Professional to Move a Control?

Although moving a thermostat can look like a relatively easy do-it-yourself job, there could be unsuspected issues with the wiring system. You must also make sure the new one is compatible with the current HVAC system. For those reasons, you should call a professional.

What to Expect When Moving a Control

After turning off the circuit breaker, the HVAC technician will take off the backplate and pull it away from the wall to disconnect the wires. Next, they will drill a hole in the new location and fish the wires through the new hole. After reconnecting the wires, they will tuck them back into the wall, place the new control onto its plate, then turn the circuit breaker on again.

So, the short answer to your question is “yes,” you can move your thermostat — with a little help from the pros. Call us at Miklos Air. Inc. in Stuart, FL, to move your control to a different location. Our technicians can handle any size residential or commercial HVAC installation project from relocating a thermostat to installing an entire new system.

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