Healthy ductwork is the key to efficient heating and cooling. According to Energy Star, HVAC system air balancing can improve the unit’s performance by 15%. If your home on Hobe Sound, FL, suffers from hot and cold spots, you’ve felt the effects of air pressure imbalances first hand. Other symptoms include drafts, whistling noises, and doors that shut themselves or are difficult to open. These problems typically occur when air is lost in transit, which creates a vacuum inside your home. In many ways, the air pressure in your HVAC ducts is like the blood pressure in your body. Levels can’t be too high or too low, and they should be checked regularly.

Air Pressure Testing

Static pressure tests help us pinpoint imbalances to determine where bottlenecks or energy losses are occurring within your HVAC system and ducts. Our professionals measure the air pressure at the return grille and at each supply register. We can also check the temperature and humidity to ensure that levels are consistent across your home.

Airflow Adjustments

Once we’ve identified problem areas, we can make adjustments or repairs. Personalized service plans may involve restoring damaged or disconnected ductwork, sealing air leaks and adjusting blower components. We can also clean the fan blades and air distribution plenums during AC maintenance visits.

HVAC System Balancing

Air balancing procedures can help you overcome design flaws or take advantage of comfort-enhancing features. Some of the most common upgrades involve adding secondary return ducts in multistory homes, installing booster fans to maintain air movement across long distances and creating zoned systems that use in-line dampers and remote temperature sensors.

In addition to improving your home’s efficiency, HVAC system air balancing can boost your comfort and alleviate allergy concerns. If you’d like to learn more about air balancing, or if you’re ready to schedule AC maintenance, call Miklos Air, Inc. at (561) 575-2173.

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