Air purifiers have become a more commonplace appliance in today’s Stuart, FL homes. Here at Miklos Air, we speak with customers regularly about the benefits of installing whole-home air purifiers. One of the benefits is improved health, so let’s discuss how an air purifier can make your household healthier in 2020.

Improved Respiratory Health

If anyone in your household suffers from asthma, allergies or other illnesses that can compromise breathing, healthy indoor air is essential. Pollutants in the air have a negative impact on the respiratory system, and most people spend more time breathing the air inside their home or workplace than the outdoor air.

Long-term exposure to impure indoor air can lead to more frequent asthma attacks or allergic reactions. An air purifier can eliminate the contaminants for improved respiratory health year-round.

Improved Sleep Quality

Not all causes of insomnia are related to indoor air quality, but many people do find that they sleep better after installing an air purifier. It’s easier to breathe purified air, so you may see improvements in sleep apnea as your air quality improves. Fewer allergy symptoms like itchy throat, watery eyes or sniffling may help you sleep better as well.

Reduced Smoke Inhalation

Air purifiers remove more than dust and contaminants that drift in from the outdoors. If you smoke cigarettes in your home or produce odors and smoke from cooking, your air purifier will eliminate much of that from your indoor air as well. Long-term exposure to smoke can lead to cancer and other health problems, so it’s important to remove it from the air as much as possible.

To learn more about improving the air quality inside your home or business, check out the indoor air quality solutions available from Miklos Air. You can also call us at (561) 575-2173.

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