HVAC systems are built to last many years, but not even the best cooling system in Jupiter, FL, can last forever. Read on to know how long your HVAC system typically lasts and when you should upgrade it.

Your HVAC’s Lifespan

The more you use your air conditioner, the more wear-and-tear it absorbs. A properly maintained HVAC system will typically last 12 to 17 years on average. But if you suspect your cooling system is on the verge of wearing out, it’s best to replace it soon.

Regular HVAC tune-ups should help you locate potential issues before they become severe enough to shorten your unit’s lifespan. You can perform some tune-up tasks, such as replacing your HVAC filter yourself. If you have pets or any person in your home has allergies, replace the filter every month or as needed.

Ensuring HVAC Peak Performance

If you want to extend your HVAC lifespan, you should act promptly to schedule regular professional maintenance. Like any other machine, your cooling system typically cannot fulfill its expected lifespan without routine and adequate maintenance service.

It’s advisable to schedule your AC maintenance in the spring. This ensures your system will run efficiently from the first day you turn it on until summer when you rely on the AC to keep you comfortable. However, it’s never too late to improve its efficiency and fix small issues, if it has been over a year or longer since it was last serviced.

Upgrading to a New System

If your heat pump is more than 10 years old, inefficient, and has endured many repairs, it might be time to upgrade to a new system. It may be time to replace your AC system if it’s more than 15 years, has had a number of repairs, produces weird noises, or runs for a long time. This could mean that your AC is having difficulty circulating enough fresh air inside your home and, therefore, need replacement. Your technician can give you an idea of the overall condition of your system and recommend a replacement, if needed.

Nowadays, HVAC units are more complex than ever. However, they can still last many years with adequate maintenance and expert repairs.

Scheduling professional HVAC tune-up can help protect vital components of your system. Call Miklos Air Inc. today for all your heating, and AC maintenance needs.

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