Thermostat shopping isn’t something you often do, but when the time comes to replace your current one, you’ll want to get it right. The thermostat industry has evolved fast over the years, with new and smarter models that match various budgets and conditions. Here are four tips for selecting the correct controller for your Tequesta, FL home.


When it comes to thermostats, like other shopping, the cost is undoubtedly one of the most important elements that customers evaluate. Programmable controllers are often less costly than smart thermostats. Most programmable versions have temperature settings for different times and days.

Energy Efficiency

While smart thermostats are more costly than a manual thermostat, they compensate in energy conservation. Smart thermostat models have a plethora of features that enable you to simplify HVAC system operations, hence lowering your Tequesta, FL home’s power usage and monthly energy bills.

When selecting a smart controller, it’s wise to talk with an air conditioning specialist about which models are functional with your current HVAC system. Some thermostat models will not function with certain HVAC configurations.


If your old controller has always detracted the looks of your house with its bulky, unintuitive appearance, looking for a new thermostat allows you to select one that complements the decor of your home. Today’s controller market provides you with many possibilities.


Non-connected configurable thermostats are compatible with older HVAC systems with a restricted number of low-voltage connections, while more modern designs often require a common wire. This line provides constant power to the touch screen, Wi-Fi and other critical thermostat features.

Buying a new thermostat may be a quick, straightforward and enjoyable procedure if you know what you’re looking for. Call Miklos Air, Inc. now for expert advice on the kind of thermostat you need to install for your Tequesta, FL HVAC system. You can also depend on our experienced service techs for efficient heating, air conditioning, ductless AC and indoor air quality services.

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