An efficient AC in Jupiter, FL, will keep your home cool and your indoor air breathable and clean. However, at times you might notice that your IAQ keeps getting worse even with your AC running. Read on to learn why might it be the reason behind recurrent respiratory issues in your household.

Dirty Air Filters

Over time, dust, dander, pollen and other indoor pollutants collect in your system’s filters, restraining their ability to clean the air in your home competently. What’s even worse, some of the previously trapped pollutants are at times released back indoors, making life uncomfortable for asthmatic loved ones, elderly family members or individuals with allergies. Fortunately, you can prevent all this by ensuring that your filters are changed on a regular basis.

Faulty AC

Just like other home appliances, if one component in your air conditioner is failing, your system won’t perform as it should. In the worst-case scenario, your system might totally shut down. However, in some cases, you might find that it might not reach your desired temperatures or clean your indoor air efficiently.

A good example would be a damaged duct system. When damaged, debris builds up in your ducts and gets distributed into your home through the vents.

If you notice any signs that your AC is faulty, it would greatly benefit you to reach out to a technician. Not only will you counter the poor IAQ problem, but you may also avoid more expensive repairs.

An Old System

Installing a new AC system isn’t cheap. It requires a large financial investmemt, which is why many homeowners tend to hold on to their old system until it permanently shuts down.

At Miklos Air Inc., we’ve been offering a wide range of products and services to improve your indoor air and protect your family’s health since 1986. With us, you’ll enjoy fairness, honesty, and 100% satisfaction. Contact us today for all your indoor air quality needs in Jupiter, FL.

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