Pool heat pumps help you to stay warm in the water by providing a comfortable temperature year-round. The GulfStream heat pump is an energy-efficient, quiet and effective product for heating your residential pool. Here are the benefits of using the GulfStream heat pump to heat your pool in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.


A heat pump uses a low-pressure liquid refrigerant to draw heat out from one place before compressing the refrigerant and sending the heat to another place. The GulfStream heat pump is flexible since you can use it to cool and heat your pool to regulate the temperature throughout the year. This flexibility maximizes your comfort while using your pool.

Ultra Quiet

Gulfstream offers state-of-the-art manufacturing with extra-quiet products. The GulfStream heat pump contains a commercial-grade fan motor and a scroll compressor designed for ultra-quiet performance. You will be able to enjoy your pool with minimal noise pollution.

Pure Titanium Heat Exchanger

Inadequate air circulation, over-chlorination and improper cleaning can increase corrosion in your water pool. The GulfStream heat pump’s heat exchanger consists of a pure titanium material, which makes it impervious to corrosion from the water chemistry of your pool. This helps to minimize the amount of maintenance your heat pump will need and also increases its lifespan.

Compact Design

The GulfStream heat pump has an intelligent control and design that takes up little space in your backyard. Its dimensions are 31 inches by 31 inches, which blends perfectly in your backyard without standing out. The compact design is ideal if you have a small pool as it helps to maintain the aesthetic quality of your backyard.

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