Considering hot weather reigns throughout much of the year, it’s no surprise that AC repairs are fairly common in Tequesta, Florida. If your system isn’t working properly, tracking down the cause of the problem can be tricky. Air conditioners rely on several sophisticated components working together smoothly, creating plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong. Even so, there are a few types of air conditioning repairs that are particularly common in South Florida.

Faulty Capacitors

Nearly all machines that use electricity rely on capacitors to operate properly. In the case of your air conditioner, each motor in your system is connected to a pair of capacitors. A start capacitor provides the jolt of electricity needed to get the motor running. Once it’s started, a run capacitor provides the electricity needed to keep it running smoothly. If a start capacitor goes bad, the associated motor may attempt to start before stuttering and shutting off again. With a failing run capacitor, your system may randomly shut off, run very roughly or stop producing cold air.

Refrigerant Leaks

Have you noticed that your air conditioner sometimes stops blowing cold air? Have your utility bills recently increased for no discernible reason? Is ice forming on your system’s evaporator coil? All of these problems are signs that your air conditioner may be low on refrigerant. That, in turn, means you’ve likely got a refrigerant leak. It’s important to call for professional air conditioning repairs promptly to avoid further damage and potential harm to the environment.

Obstructed Drainage

Keeping your Florida home comfortable requires more than just lowering the air temperature. Your air conditioner also needs to remove moisture from the air to keep humidity levels under control. Unfortunately, humid conditions can cause biologic particulates or algae to grow and block the drain line your system uses to remove condensation. When this happens, water can potentially back up into your air conditioner and cause damage. Your AC may also be unable to properly control humidity, leaving your home uncomfortably sticky and damp.

A failing air conditioner can cost you money, cause a ton of frustration and generally make life miserable. No matter what problems you’re experiencing, the expert HVAC repair technicians at Miklos Air have the solutions. To get your AC system back on track, schedule timely air conditioning repairs online or call us at (561) 575-2173.

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