Although winter in Jupiter, FL, isn’t nearly as cold in most other areas of the country, it’s still cold enough to warrant using your heating system. Here are some ways to prepare your HVAC system for safe, effective operation throughout the winter.


To work efficiently, furnaces or heat pumps require regular preventive maintenance. This includes minor repairs and/or replacements, cleaning and flushing. Furnaces require:

  • Unit cleaning – You should clean all accessible areas with a vacuum to remove dirt, residue and other debris.
  • Filter cleaning or replacement – You should remove reusable filters and clean them regularly. You should remove and replace non-reusable filters several times a year.
  • Drain line flushing – Furnaces and heat pumps drain water, which may cause moisture buildup in the drain hose. To avoid issues due to moisture buildup, technicians will need to flush your hose.
  • Debris removal – Debris obstructs airflow from heating units and pose a combustion threat. Be sure to remove all items from around a unit before you turn it on.

HVAC System Inspection

Inspection is the only way to clear your HVAC system for safe operation. Not inspecting your unit is essentially gambling with your comfort, your wallet and even your health. So, before you turn on the heater:

  • Perform a general inspection – This includes checking the exterior components of the unit for signs of damage or improper combustion. During your inspection, check for combustion residue, gaps between sections and loose connections.
  • Check the airflow – Remove the registers in the coldest rooms to check that warm air is flowing properly throughout the house. If there’s improper airflow, vacuum and clean the ducts.
  • Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors – Before you turn on your heating system, make sure your detectors are working properly and/or have fresh batteries.

Professional Assistance

The best way to ensure your furnace or heat pump is ready for winter temperatures is by getting a professional inspection. In fact, we highly recommend it. An annual inspection offers comprehensive maintenance, a tune-up, inspection of all major components, testing for proper operation, cleaning and peace of mind.

Contact us at Miklos Air, Inc., for comprehensive air conditioning, heating repair and heating maintenance services. Let our technicians perform a full annual HVAC inspection for you, so when the time comes, you’ll only need to turn the heat on.

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