The ducts are an essential part of your HVAC system because they distribute cool air throughout your home. Your HVAC system will work harder if the ductwork is not well connected or has leaks. Here are a few ways you can determine whether you need ductwork repair in Jupiter, FL.

High Energy Bills

When a significant amount of cooled air escapes from the ductwork, it increases your monthly energy bills. Ducts with holes or leaks cause your HVAC system to work harder to cool your home, reducing its efficiency and increasing its energy consumption. You may need to call an HVAC professional to repair your ductwork if you notice a spike in your energy bills.

Uneven Cooling

Faulty ductwork can make some rooms colder than others. Huge leaks and poor insulation cause the air to escape, leading to hot and cold spots in your home. Repairing your ducts will result in even distribution of cooled air, which improves your home comfort.

Biological contaminants are also a result of uneven distribution of air in your home. Biological pollutants lower the quality of your indoor air and can cause health problems. You may require ductwork repair if there is an increased presence of these contaminants in your home.

Increased Noise

Your HVAC system produces some noise while it is operational. Rattling sounds and increased vibration of your system may indicate a problem with the ducts. Consulting a professional HVAC expert to inspect your ducts can help to reduce the loud noise.

Visible Dust and Dirt

If you notice the increased presence of dirt and dust in and around your vents, it is an indication that the filtration system is faulty. Your ducts may require a checkup by a professional to increase the quality of your indoor air.

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