A core component to the comfort of your home is your HVAC system. In the summer, homeowners in Hobe Sound, FL, need to keep an eye on the efficiency of their AC system to save money and reduce energy waste. If your HVAC system is inefficient, how can you tell?

Temperature Fluctuations

Poor installation or the lack of maintenance of your HVAC system can cause the rooms in your home to experience different temperatures. A well-designed and installed AC system regularly distributes the same temperature to all rooms. Another cause of fluctuating temperatures could be dust and dirt accumulating in the system’s indoor unit or ductwork, causing a strain in functionality.

Inaccurate Thermostat Sensors

Your programmable thermostat can experience incorrect readings when the thermostat sensor is faulty. As such, your heating and cooling could fluctuate and not offer desired conditions. Consulting an HVAC professional can help know whether you need a new thermostat or a better HVAC system installed.

Indoor Discomfort

Your air conditioning is on, but one room or the whole house still feels humid. This could be a sign that your cooling system is slow or overwhelmed by your home. An efficient system for the size of your space will simultaneously ensure that your humidity and temperature levels are perfect.

An issue with the refrigerant can lead to inadequate control of the humidity in your home. It’s the same effect as having an undersized HVAC system, which will struggle to keep up and run longer. In turn, that adds up to your monthly bills through energy waste.

Aging and Repairs

When it comes to your HVAC system, older machinery will always be less efficient than an upgrade. If you’ve owned your system for more than 10 years, its performance capabilities will decrease. Professionals will likely advise you to upgrade to a newer model for better home comfort and energy savings.

Another sure way to know that your system is getting older and less functional is if you need regular repair visits. While repairs can keep your system running, frequent repairs are draining for you and your finances.

An inefficient HVAC system will cause a rise in your utility bills and overall energy use. Contact the professionals at Miklos Air Inc. to repair your system and ensure the comfort of your home.

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