To shield your home in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, from the heat this summer, your ductless AC system has to work correctly. Unfortunately, problems do occur from time to time, and proper troubleshooting will save you a lot of hassle. Depending on your specific issue, there are several ways to determine why your ductless system isn’t working.

Home Power Is Off

Hopefully, there’s nothing wrong with your ductless unit, and the culprit is your electrical system. Check to make sure everything is plugged in properly, and your circuit breaker switches are in the on position. If this is the case, then you should just need to turn on the appropriate power source.

System Needs Cleaning

Dirt builds up over time and can eventually cause your system not to run correctly. Both the indoor and outdoor units need attention to ensure that the coils, filters, vents and compressors stay free from clogging, overheating and loss of efficiency. Contact a technician to assist you in fixing this problem.

Refrigerant Leak

In the situation that your air isn’t cooling like you expect it to, then your unit may have suffered a refrigerant leak. A professional technician will search for leaks caused by wear and tear, insects or stemming from a different issue. When the heat is on, a leak absolutely requires maintenance, or your ductless unit cannot perform its job.

Temperature Damage

The outdoor elements may eventually negatively affect your outdoor unit. Be sure to schedule regular maintenance so a technician can clean and test the outdoor unit to keep it running properly despite any type of outdoor weather.

Improper Installation

People make mistakes from time to time when initially installing ductless units. An electrical issue or unattached refrigerant line will easily cause your units not to work as intended. If you believe this or any other of the problems above are the cases, Miklos Air, Inc. will come out to your property and ensure that your AC installation is correct and running smoothly.

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