In Jupiter and cities on the Treasure Coast, Florida’s endless summers and mild winters keep your HVAC system hard at work. As a homeowner, few things are worse than bracing for a breakdown every time the mercury rises. If your HVAC system is over the hill or if you’re unsure of its history, these simple guidelines can help you assess the unit’s condition and evaluate the benefits of a new AC installation.

Equipment Age

Central cooling systems have a 15-year life expectancy on average. Like any high-mileage vehicle, older units may require more frequent repairs, and the system may not perform as well as it did when new. Although technology has improved dramatically over the past decade, age alone isn’t grounds for replacement. At Miklos Air, Inc., we only recommend new AC installations when multiple issues are affecting your comfort or ownership expenses.

Ownership Costs and AC Repairs

Aging HVAC equipment costs you twice. First, it’s more expensive to operate. Second, poor mechanical performance may eventually lead to a major breakdown that forces you to choose between costly AC repairs or a complete replacement. Check your home’s year-over-year energy use to see if your consumption is rising. Also, think about whether you’d rather invest in repairs or put money toward an energy-efficient replacement.

Comfort and Reliability

Aging cooling equipment doesn’t just affect your wallet. Your comfort takes a hit, and your peace of mind suffers too. Equipment that’s not performing its best may run longer and louder. Many comfort complaints can be corrected during seasonal tune-ups or AC repair visits, but sometimes, maintenance isn’t enough. If your home is stuffy, clammy or uncomfortable or if you cross your fingers during every heatwave, replacement might be the best choice.

Take charge of your comfort by having our technicians inspect your HVAC system. We can perform a tune-up or help you explore replacement options. Call us today at (561) 575-2173, or learn more about our AC installation services online.

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