When it’s time to replace your Jupiter home’s HVAC system, you might not know about some of the new system features that are available. The newest HVAC systems offer features that reduce energy consumption, improve comfort and add convenience. Here are three of the top new HVAC system features and their benefits for you and your home.

2 Stage Compressor on New HVAC System

A two-stage compressor is better at dehumidifying the air in your Jupiter home. The system usually operates at the lower setting, which uses less energy and lowers your utility bills. The lower setting also extends the compressor’s lifespan, which saves you money on repair and replacement costs. The two-stage compressor also delivers more temperature consistency, ensuring your comfort.

Variable Speed Motor

Variable speed motors operate at the lowest level of power needed in order to achieve the temperature setting on the thermostat. This reduces energy consumption. They also provide optimal humidity control, which is important for your comfort during Jupiter’s long, humid summers. These motors also extend the air conditioning system’s lifespan, so you might not have to repair or replace it as frequently. The variable speed motors improve your indoor air quality, too. Your home’s air should be healthier and cleaner with this type of new HVAC system.

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats connect with your home’s Wi-Fi. They add convenience to your life because you can adjust your home’s temperature through an app on your smartphone. The thermostat’s algorithms are updated regularly, and this allows the system to learn your temperature preferences. The thermostat adjusts the air conditioning and heating system, ensuring your home is at the right temperature when you return home from work or get up in the morning. According to the Department of Energy, smart thermostats could lower your utility bills by 10 percent each month.

For more information about how new HVAC system features can benefit your home, check out Miklos Air, Inc.’s HVAC installation services page, or give us a call.

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